Aus Auto Detailing has been into detailing business for more than 15 years and is committed to providing you with the highest level of quality and customer service. We are not new to this game and you are dealing with the professional detailers.

We only use the best products on the market. All of our products are tested and held to the highest level of quality that are guaranteed to preserve and protect your vehicle.

We care about you and your vehicle, which is why we are fully licensed and insured. No matter what the circumstances, you can rest assured that your vehicle and property are covered under our policy.

We cover all Sydney area with no extra charge. However, by special arrangement, we can service areas outside of Sydney for an additional charge. The following areas and its additional charge are:

  1. Canberra 
    - $1250
  2. Nelson Bay
    - $1050
  3. Newcastle
    - $850
  4. Wollongong
    - $350
  5. Gosford
    - $350

Simply call, email or fill in the online enquiry form in our website's Contact Us page and we will make your reservation.

Yes, additional charges may apply if we find that your vehicle requires more time to clean.

All of our service prices GST inclusive.

Yes, we do but minimum of 2 cars per booking.

We also do alloy wheel repair and spot paint repair.

We only use the best brand in the market. For more information about our product, please visit our product page.

In general, we need 7 to 10 days to get you in our schedule. 


Once you made a booking with us, you will receive the confirmation by email and SMS. Also, 48 hours before your schedule appointment, you will receive a reminder by email and SMS. 

We are a mobile auto detailing service, so we come to you! Your vehicle will be detailed at your residence or place of work. Howver, we do not work in the car park basement.

Before having your vehicle detailed, we ask that you remove all of your personal belongings and valuables from inside the vehicle. If you have baby seat or seat cover, please remove it too. We clean every area of the vehicle such as door pocket, seat pocket, center console, glove box, tray, and the boot area. This may seem very negligible but it is something we greatly appreciate because it saves us a lot of time and to ensure proper cleaning.  We are not responsible for the loss or damage of any and all items that you have left in the vehicle prior to our detailing work.

We accept cashEFTPOS , debit or credit card (Visa & Mastercard) & our Gift Vouchers. Payment for all services must be paid on completion of work prior to the detailer leaving the job area. For bank transfer, it must be done in advance and proof of transfer must be provided prior to the completion of the job. 


You will want to allow about 2 hours for either an interior or exterior detail. A full detail usually requires 3-4 hours.

Yes, you can purchase our gift voucher online and will be sent via email including the tax invoice within 5 minutes. 

If our prices have changed by the time you decide to use the voucher you purchased from us, you will need to top up to meet the new price.

Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 6:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am - 6:30pm

Sunday: Special Appointments Only

Definitely, YES! With our years of experience, we usually provide our customer an initial assessment on the condition of the vehicles. Then, based on the result, we will tell you which service your vehicles need.

Yes! We are also experienced and professional detailer for these types of vehicles: motorbike, caravan, bus, boat and truck.

Sunday is by special appointment only and with an extra charge of $190 + 10% GST will be added to the total cost of services. 

If you have covered area with sufficient space and well-lighted room to work, we can still detail your vehicle. We do not work in the car park basement. If you do not have covered area, you may reschedule for the next available date.  We will send notification prior to your booking schedule. 

To make any changes to the booking, we need at least 48 hours notice. Cancellation & rescheduling charges may apply if enough notice is not given. if your booking is within 48 hours, we need 24 hours notice. Moreover, if your booking is within 24 hours, we need 12 hours notice. We try to be flexible but when you schedule an appointment, you are securing our time.
For complete details, you can check our Terms & Conditions page. 

Every vehicle is subject to inspection prior to starting service to identify areas that may need extra work or do not qualify for the agreed service price. This will be discussed upon arrival.

All our inspections on the day of service are free of charge. However, if you don't have any bookings and you want us to do inspection, we charge $95

Yes, we do. For futher details, please check our Paint Correction page. 

Yes, we do. For more information on our Ceramic Coatings, please visit our paint protection page – click here

Yes, we have a warranty on our exterior ceramic paint protection installations.

Please see our Warranty Terms & Conditions on our Paint Protection page for more information.

✔️ Protection from harmful UV rays.
✔️ Protection from chemical stains.
✔️ Hydrophobic nature, ease of cleaning.
✔️ Candy-like gloss.
✔️ Protection from water spotting.

Many people don't realize that the first wash is the most important one to get right. After getting a ceramic coating, you should always follow the golden rule: don't wash your car for 7 days. It would be best to give the coating enough time to fully cure on your car. You should aim for a minimum of one wash every two weeks.

Sure, once the job is complete and payment is made, we will send you the tax invoice within 1 working day through email.

We have five car packages for basic and full detail. Also, we have other services to offer. Please check the full details of our other services on our website.

View our car packages

It really depends on how deep into the clear coat the scratch has etched. We cannot guarantee that all scratches will be removed, but we can treat them with a machine buff and sanding if needed to minimise the damage and enhance the paintwork.

Clay bars are for quickly removing things that regular washing cannot, like paint over spray, embedded dirt, tree sap, light tar, bug residue and just about any other contaminants that want to bond to your paint, glass or hard chrome surface.

YES. The vehicle's owner must be present if the detailer has questions or requires assistance. Also, before the detailer leaves, you must inspect the vehicle and ensure that you are satisfied with the result.

Yes. An additonal amount of $65 will apply if we find that your car needs deep cleaning due to excessive 

dirt, mud, stain, grease, sand, dog hair, tree sap, red soil and  others.

For any concerns, please call us on 1300 979 773 / 0411 199 854 or you can send us an email to