Headlight Restoration
Headlight Restoration

Headlights that have been exposed to the elements for several days can acquire a dull and scratched surface. Headlight Restoration can repair headlight damage in its entirety. The light output may be adversely affected by faded headlights (known as yellow headlights), which are the result of oxidation on the outer cover surface.

There’s two ways to restore your headlight and it depends on how bad they are. If the headlight is dull only without damage and scratches, sanding and polishing is the way to restore it. However, it is extremely bad (damaged and has light scratches), sanding and applying a clear coat must be used to stay clear for a longer time.


Step 1: Cleaning

Step 2: Masking around the headlight.

Step 3: Sanding

Step 4: Polishing

Step 5: Applying a clear coat (if needed)


We do all the headlights repair at your place. It saves you time and money. Your vehicle is ready for a drive as soon as the repair is complete, and if it is not raining.

Our headlight repairs with only clear coat application are guaranteed with a 12-months warranty.


Sanding & Clear Coat
$150 each
including GST 10%
Sanding & Polishing
$65 each
including GST 10%