Mould Treatment
Mould Treatment

As a mobile detailing business committed to serving our valued customers, we believe it's crucial to keep you informed about potential issues that could affect your vehicle. One such concern is the rapid increase in mould infestations inside cars across Australia. This issue is becoming a widespread challenge for vehicle owners, regardless of their location within the country.

Australia's climate is well-known for its dry and arid conditions. However, it's important to note that even in this predominantly dry environment, heavy rainfall can occasionally occur, particularly during La Niña climate patterns. These bouts of rain can lead to increased humidity, creating an environment conducive to mould growth inside your vehicle.

The consequences of mould infestations in cars can be frustrating and detrimental. It can result in unpleasant odours, cosmetic damage to your interior, and potentially even health concerns for you and your passengers. Whether your vehicle is used regularly or sits idle for extended periods, it can be susceptible to mould growth.

At our mobile detailing service, we understand the challenges posed by mould in cars. We are equipped to address and mitigate these issues effectively. Our team is trained to provide thorough cleaning and detailing services that not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle but also help in preventing mould growth. Regular detailing can make a significant difference in maintaining a clean and mould-free car interior.

By staying informed and taking proactive steps to prevent mould, you can ensure a safe and pleasant driving experience. If you suspect mould growth in your vehicle or want to take preventive measures, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you in keeping your car clean, fresh, and mould-free, so you can enjoy worry-free journeys on the road.


  1. Vacuum the mould to remove larger lumps and clusters.
  2. Clean and sanitise the affected areas with automotive shampoo or a cleaning agent, using disposable microfiber towels.
  3. Use water or a steam cleaner to make it easier to remove stains.
  4. Wipe down the areas thoroughly with a microfiber towel and cleaning agents.
  5. Dilute a cleaning solution with water to help loosen the mould. (Avoid using harsh bathroom mould removal cleaners.)
  6. Vacuum the affected areas again to remove any debris causing the mould infestation.

Services Included:


  • All seats removed (if needed)
  • Mould treatment machine application
  • Full interior vacuum & wipe down with mould killing chemicals
  • Door panel, door jambs, door rubber, trim, dashboard, centre console & ashtrays cleaning, sanitising & conditioning
  • Leather seats cleaning, treatment & conditioning
  • Fabric seats shampoo & treatment
  • Carpet, floor mats & boot shampoo & treatment
  • Ceiling treatment
  • Windows cleaning



including GST 10%



including GST 10%



including GST 10%



including GST 10%



including GST 10%


If we find that your car has excessive mould and we need to remove the seats out of the car,

an additional amount of $65 will apply for each seats.