Alloy Wheel Repair
Alloy Wheel Repair
Whether it’s a cosmetic abrasion triggered by rocks, broken asphalt, a curb scuff or scrape due to accidental contact or some other road hazard, there are instances when the alloy wheels want to be repaired and refinished. Aus Auto Detailing can do restoration of your alloy wheels to a like new circumstance for substantially much less than the value of buying new wheels. 


  • Scuff repairing using specialised process
  • Repainting using highest paint products to give you a long-lasting quality finish.
  • Special custom colours
  • Removal of excess brake dust
  • Spot repairing (Sometimes a little touch-up is all you need.


Step 1The rims are removed from the vehicle if needed.

Step 2: Washing of the wheels to remove all dirt, silicon, and brake dust.

Step 3: Taking out the damage from the wheel with the use of specialised tools.

Step 4: Different sanding phases to produce a smooth finish.

Step 5: Blowing off and cleaning with a wax and grease remover. 

Step 6: Tape and protect areas beyond the repair sites.

Step 7: Apply the primer.

Step 8: Sand the primer.

Step 9: Matching of the colour for your wheel before applying the paint to the wheel.

Step 10: Applying the clear coat over the paint for a high-quality finish.

Step 11: Removing the masking and the repair will be complete.


We do all our alloy wheel repairs on the car at your place. It saves you time and money. Your vehicle is ready for a drive as soon as the repair is complete, and if it is not raining.

Our wheel repairs and colour changes are covered by a 24-month warranty.




1. Send us clear photo/s of the wheel/s that need to be repaired so we can assess it carefully & provide you with the exact price.

2. If your wheels are two-tone and the margins have damage and are different colours from the outbard face, an additional amount of $25 will apply for each. 

3. If your wheel has deep scratches and requires filler, an additional amount of $15 will apply for each.