What Our Clients Say

"Amazing. You're Magic!"

Anette C.

“Exceptional, friendly and reliable service!”

Di Wilkenfeld Estate

"Great work and good price."

Edward W.

"Wonderful, friendly and polite service.  Extremely dedicated to produce a great finish. Courteous and punctual."

Giselle O.

“Thank you for an amazing job!”

Jessica O.

"Very Friendly. Very good job!"

Kevin S.

"Had Nathan out today to do a Platinum detail on my very sad looking old girl. End result was nothing short of fantastic. Genuine bloke who really takes pride in his work. Thankyou."

Matt J.

“The service is excellent! The price is affordable!”

Merwin C.

“Thanks for the amazing detail you’ve done on my Ducati bike today.  The attention in detail is outstanding! I will definitely recommend your services! Thanks again!”

Nick P.

“Excellent service!”


“Aus Auto is the best detailing. Excellent service!”

Nilani D.

“Did an amazing job with my boat! It was so dirty and the paint looked faded but after the work is done, it shines brightly just like a newly bought one!”

Peter B.

"Good service and excellent behaviour! Good job!"

Pranesh D.

“I am very happy with the service.”

Rachel A.

“My car had plenty of dog hair and sea sand before. After the cleaning, it looks terrific! I can’t believe it looks brand new! Thank you for the absolutely great job!”

Ruschel C.

“The staff is polite and professional. They arrived on time which only shows that they value their customers time too. I highly recommend your company.”

Ryan S.

“My car looks brand new again. Your service is highly recommended!”

Steve A.

"Friendly Service"

Steven R.

"Car looks wonderful! Excellent service!"

Sue T.