Bumper Scuffs Repair
Bumper Scuffs Repair

We can restore your bumper to its original state, sparing you the costly expense of bar replacement and the trouble of having to tow your vehicle to a body shop for several days. A minor collision in the parking lot or an unpleasant scuff or scrape from reversing into a garage door could have caused the damage.

Aus Auto Detailing can restore the value of your vehicle, whether it has sustained minor bumper scuffs or more extensive cracks and dents, in a matter of hours at your residence or place of business. Furthermore, the majority of restorations are affordable and will not exceed your insurance excess.

In addition to denting the substrate, a plastic bumper may split or shatter under the force of a stronger, more direct impact with bumper bars.  When faced with a split or fractured bumper, Aus Auto Detailing Plastic Welding process enables the replacement of the damaged area with a correspondingly sized plastic piece, such as polypropylene, which is welded to the split to restore the bumper to its initial structural integrity.

The Aus Auto Detailing Heat Re-shaping process is utilised to restore dented bumpers to their original shape by administering precise heat levels to the dented area. Refinishing the area upon completion ensures an undetectable outcome.


Step 1: Remove and clean impact residue/paint transfers from bumper surfaces.

Step 2: Remove scuff, scratch, and stubborn marks by sanding.

Step 3: Fill the deep scratches.

Step 4: Sand the filler.

Step 5: Tape and protect areas beyond the repair sites.

Step 6: Apply the primer.

Step 7: Sand the primer.

Step 8: Restore colour that has been removed using original factory O.E.M exact match paint.

Step 9: Restore, shine and seal paint colour using factory gloss clear coat to get along lasting permanent repairs.

Step 10: Buff and polish the repaired area.

Step 11: Shine, seal and protect the bumper with high-grade long-lasting topcoat polishing wax.


We do all our bumper repairs at your place. It saves you time and money. Your vehicle is ready for a drive as soon as the repair is complete, and if it is not raining.

All our bumper repairs are guaranteed with a 12-month warranty.




To get a quote, please send us clear photos of the spot that needs to be repaired so we can carefully have a look at it and provide you with a quote.