Aus Auto Detailing and Car Wash Sydney - Mobile Car Detailing and Car Wash Sydney
Aus Auto Detailing and Car Wash Sydney - Mobile Car Detailing and Car Wash Sydney

Most motorbikes are for the most part taken care of. If anyone ever needed some detail work or a wash, it would be because they are tired of the maintenance. Most motorbikes have a lot of chrome, aluminum and painted panels, which after a while, would be cumbersome to take care of all the time.

If you don't take care of your investment, the sun, wind and rain will take its toll on anything left outside without a cover. The same rule of thumb goes for anything left outside; wash and wax it and put a cover on it.

We are mobile detailers who can offer high-quality detailing that fit your needs Our commitment to providing the best motorbike detailing service is what sets us apart from our competitors. Each professional detailer a part of our network has to meet our requirements for insurance coverage, experience, and have all the proper tools for the job.

Motorbike Detailing

Motorbike Detailing Service

  • Clean wheels using high quality cleaning products and specially designed wheel woolies.
  • Pre-soak with Snow Foam to remove dirt and grime.
  • Rinse bike with low pressure.
  • Clean and degrease all visible engine parts.
  • Clay bar treat the painted body to remove embedded contamination.
  • Hand wash using twin grid two bucket system to prevent any stones and other sharp edges particles being carried on the bike via wash mitt.
  • Clean and degrease chain and rear sprocket
  • Apply appropriate chemicals to remove tar spots
  • Pressurised air or a blower is used to remove water built up around the engine bay, mirrors, handlebars and other crevices.
  • Clean & seal all unpainted plastics
  • Apply chain lube
  • Treat painted body work with pre-wax cleaner
  • Wax pre-treated painted body with 2 coats
  • Machine and Hand polish all chromed body parts with metal polish
  • Wax and polish wheels
  • Clean and polish mirrors

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