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Bumper Paint Scratch Repair
Bumper Paint Scratch Repair

Bumper Paint Scratch Repair is a technique used to "hide" your minor imperfections, such as small scratches and chips. This technique costs much less than changing  the bumper completely. It will greatly enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Your vehicles damaged areas will not "stand out" they will almost disappear. This technique is great if you are trying to sell your car or need to return a lease vehicle.

Most scratches are caused by accidental damage from minor accidents in car parks, supermarket trolleys, children and sometimes, even adults. Being a mobile service, we’re able to come to you to provide a repair that exceeds your expectation.


  • Scuff repair
  • Scratch repair
  • Stone chips repair
  • Touch up paint


Step 1: Remove and clean impact residue/paint transfers from painted surfaces.

Step 2: Remove scratch and stubborn marks by sanding.

Step 3: Fill the deep scratches.

Step 4: Sand the filler.

Step 5: Tape and protect areas beyond the repair sites. 

Step 6: Restore plastic primer to panels and parts to promote adhesion between the plastic and the paint ensuring permanent repairs.

Step 7: Sand the primer.

Step 8: Restore colour that has been removed using original factory O.E.M exact match paint.

Step 9: Restore, shine and seal paint colour using factory gloss clear to get along lasting permanent repairs.

Step 10: Shine, seal and protect paints with high grade long lasting top coat polishing wax.

We do all our bumper repairs at your place. It saves you time and money. Your vehicle is ready for a drive as soon as the repair is complete, and if it is not raining.

All our bumper repairs is guaranteed with a 2-year warranty.


Please send us clear photo of the damage so we can assess it carefully & provide you with a quote.



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